Cross Country !!

Today was the cross country run!! It was so exciting but really nerve racking. Everyone wanted to make top 10 but not all could. It was a bit sunny at first then it was starting to cloud up and after that it rained but lucky our class had already before then. Here are some photos of runners in Room 13!

                                                             Luca and Jake


From the 4th of July to the 6th of July room 13 kids did their presentations to the class. Their presentations were about whatever they wanted to learn about space. (anything about space) There all awesome but in the end, they were all the best. Here are some pics!

the mars eventcher

Lately Room 13 wrote space stories using the structure of a narrative. This is Dash's writing! Enjoy and try spot his problem that reflected a change to the characters and try idenitfy the form of his setting.

The Mars Adventure- By Dash.
chpter 1

T-10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off Jack,James and Jake are going to mars to tack pitchs and explor. jack was very smart with technolg and had brown hear, james was very sdmart and had brown hear and brown eyes and jakje  had jood eye dears. they cont wate intle theythey where in space when they where there. 2 hous later when they where finle there they could see stars every. about 10 mints later jake wantid  to play hideand scek. jake started "i spy whith my little eye something beging with m."they where thing for ages intill they gave up. so jake sead it "moon" he sead then he pontid to it. soundle it came closer and closer and then there was more and more. then it was so cloce they they got hit three times! then there en…

Strike drum show

On Monday the 19th of June we went to the big hall to see an amazing show, performed by the strike. They did some great at killer drum solos. they invented drums a long time ago combining dance and mucic. they were put up on poles.
Then we had some class lessons with the team it was so fun the class would do it all over again if they and I could.

By Lucas M

Cyber Safety Show!

The Cyber Safety Show!Cyber Safety Show!At the cyber safety show we learnt how to be
 safe on technology.The show was called my friends dot com. The actors names where Jeanna, and a boy called Dylan. So there was a new girl a non poplar boy one poplar girl one poplar girl.
The problem was 
In the end 
the new girl called 0800 kids line.☎

to help with the problem  no problem to big or small.
I learnt that you need to be careful with what you do on technology.

Trees For Survival Day!!

The purpose of this was because, we wanted to help save trees for oxygen and many other reasons.

On Thursday 25th of May, some people in Room 13, Room 12, and Room 4 went to Trees For Survival in Clevedon Farm. Not all the students could go because only 1 teacher was coming to take us so not all of us can go. It was a foggy day, but Miss Brown said that after the fog the sun would come out so we didn't need to worry. So only Nhu, Alex F, Enya,Jessie,Theo, Alex A,Maia, Lusin,Luca, Lucas. And it was a 1 hour ride on the bus!! 

When we got there, we saw this really cute cat, he/she looked like Enya's cat Miro, but with a red and white collar. First, we got to meet Chanel, the landowner, and Rotary, the person that helps us plant. Then Rotary took is to where we are planting and we were so excited that we almost fell into this really lake, beside us!! 

By Nhu

Learning Farm Program

The Learning Farm Program!
The purpose of this learning farm activity was because, my teacher wanted to help us learn at home without the teacher having to help us.
This month, Miss Hodson [ our lovely,awesome teacher], gave us this website called . It is when you do some activities and if you get an amount correct you get to play a game, which is very fun! But that's only if you put GAME MODE on. This is optional to do, you don't have to do it, it's just something fun to use when you are outside of school and you can't do homework.  Here are some instructions.
Instructions 1. Log in your username and password 2. Then when you click enter you will seed subjects near the top Maths,Reading,and Writing 3. After you see the subjects, click onto one you want to do 4. Then when you click 1 of the activities it will show you View Lesson, Test Mode or Game Mode.  View Lesson is when you are just viewing the lesson, you're not actually doing it Test Mode…